30 Things About Me

A fellow (and more prolific) chronic illness blogger posted this as a way to challenge herself, and others, to blog more. These challenges are a great way to stay motivated and productive. You can find her blog here.

30 days and 30 posts! My answers will be at the end of the list. I am not able to do one a day so I’m renaming this challenge for myself.

1. Introduce yourself

2. Introduce your conditions

3. Age your symptoms began

4. Favorite food

5. Allergies

6. Hobbies

7. Your pain level

8. Distraction

9. Relief

10. Morning medications

11. Night medications

12. Guilty pleasure

13. Sleep outfit

14. Temperature you are comfortable at

15. A comfort item

16. A daily struggle

17. An achievement

18. Who/what keeps you going

19. Something your disability has taken from you.

20. Something you have gained because of your disability that you are grateful for.

21. Who/what inspires you.

22. Favorite helpful product

23. What about your limitations is embarrassing?

24. Best memory aid

25. Someone you met on your journey

26. Somewhere you’d love to travel

27. Your community of support

28. Advice for someone just diagnosed

29. Your worst fear

30. Something someone said that stuck with you after your diagnosis.

Day 1: Introduce Yourself

Oof! We’re going to stick with Jynx for now. It’s not the name on my birth certificate, but it is one that I identify with.  I’m in my mid 30’s and am a cisgender white female who is primarily hetero/demi – sexual. I’m childfree (meaning I have chosen not to have children), not religious, and have no interest in getting married.

I’m that weird person who likes radishes, and my favorite foods usually involve cheese. I drink scotch, neat. I enjoy video games, board/card games, and love horror movies. Knitting, sewing, drawing, and volunteering are some of my favorite past-times. I am slowly chipping away at a Bachelor’s in IT; sadly university is expensive, and it takes me a while to save up.

I'm a geek/nerd spoonie who rescues animals, has a lot of hobbies, and is easily entertained.

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