Blog Challenge: Liebster Award

A fellow blogger, Kim who writes I tripped over a Stone, shared that she was nominated to do this blog challenge, and nominated anyone who wanted to join in. I’ve been staring at spreadsheets and creating newsletters for long enough that my brain needs a break. I even took a nap today, but still tired. Blah! How it works: Thank the blogger who nominated you. Share eleven facts about yourself. Answer the eleven questions the blogger gave you. Nominate eleven bloggers who deserve the award. Create eleven original questions for the nominees to answer. Let them know they have been nominated. Eleven facts about me: I wear the mantle of Crazy Cat Lady with pride, and like most cat people, there are more photos of my furbabies on my phone than anything else. I’m the human to 5 cats. I am a huge geek/nerd. My house is full of collectibles! Mainly comic books, sci-fi, and fantasy. There is a Millenium Flacon

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30 Things, Rx

Ah, medications. I’m thankful they exist to help me, and others, to improve our quality of life and be able to function as best we are able. Currently, my AM medications are on the light side, I was kicked off my health insurance for a few months in 2017 and had to cut down to the very minimum that I needed to function. Ranitidine – GERD Progesterone – Premenstrual Dysmorphic Disorder and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Previously I also took Synthroid for hypothyroidism; I ought to get back on that. It helped with my symptoms. My evening medications consist of Ranitidine – GERD Sertraline aka Zoloft – Depression, PTSD, PMDD, OCD Cetirizine aka Zyrtec – Allergies Azo – IC Hydroxyzine – Anxiety and insomnia

30 Things, Distractions

I had to think about this a bit and came up with this list. My cats Anytime I feel cruddy I go to my cats. Petting and snuggling with them helps me focus on something positive and comforting Video games Video games keep me distracted and entertained My go to movies Alien, Aliens, Pacific Rim, LoTR, and a few others help me be distracted Music Genre depends on my mood, I like metal, some pop, trance/house/etc., classical or soundtracks Audiobooks If I am unable to focus, I will go for audiobooks while I’m laying down and resting  

30 Things, Pain Level

My pain comes from multiple sources; Interstitial Cystitis, osteoarthritis, headaches/migraines/sinuses, fibromyalgia, and sometimes IBS. I have kept a pain diary to track my symptoms and draw correlations between food, activities, weather, and the like, to my pain. Correlation does not equal causation, but it’s a place to start. Especially with diseases that are not well understood. The favored approach to asking about pain is to measure it on a scale of 1 to 10, this tool isn’t the best because it assumes the person only has a single type of pain at any given time. For those of us who suffer from multiple pain conditions, this query seems like a trick question. I’ve started focusing on each individually if I’m in for a specific thing I stick to that. A snapshot of this moment: 1 = No pain, 10 = Worst pain imaginable Right now my overall pain is 5, there are no days when I’m pain-free. Most days I’m

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30 Things, Hobbies

Hobbies! (I had a little time to squeeze this in) I have a lot of hobbies. I love to make/create things, it’s improved my mood, and I feel like I accomplished something when I finish a project.  Knitting I’m going to learn to crochet this year. Yay YouTube! It’s a fun activity to do while watching TV/Movies. Sewing I like to make my own clothing and costumes from time-to-time. I also enjoy silk embroidery. Painting and drawing On pretty much anything. I find it relaxing. Photography I have a quality DSLR, and I love taking photos outside when I’m feeling up to it. Camping I feel the most relaxed and happy when I am able to disconnect and enjoy nature. Also, gives me lots to photograph. Reading/audiobooks Stories are essential, reading can improve empathy. The Scientific American and The Washington Post wrote articles about the subject. Fantasy, Sci-fi, horror, and graphic novels/comics. Learning new skills Games Board games, table-top, card,

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30 Things, Allergies

Allergies Yyyeeeaaahhh… I have a lot of these. >_> Sinus and topical: ALL THE THINGS! Grass, trees, pollen. If it’s a plant, I’m allergic. Note: I am that person who sniffs the flowers and has a sneezing fit anyway because I’m going to stop and smell the damn roses! Some molds. Cats and dogs. Is owned by multiple cats, allergies be damned. Anything floral scented. This stuff wreaks havoc on my skin, and I will break out in hives or eczema. It also causes my sinuses to swell up. I had to leave the holiday festivities early because the trash bags we were stuffing wrapping paper into were scented. Latex. In addition to a mild allergic reaction, the smell makes me nauseous. Adhesives, only some, but my skin will slough off and become irritated. Medications: Welbutrin Penicillin/Amoxicillin Cephalosporins – Keflex Tylenol allergy and sinus Yeah, ironic-ish. It’s a bonding agent that I have trouble with. Vaccines Again, a bonding agent.

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30 Things, Favorite Food

Favorite Food Hmm. That’s tough. I don’t have a single favorite food, so I’ll list my top 5. Pizza! Sans tomato sauce because the acid bothers my GERD and IC. Cheese! I cannot do sharp/aged cheese, but I do love a good brie, mild cheddar, and smoked gouda. Dark Chocolate, enough said. Hashbrowns, chips, french fries. Mmmm potatoes. Red Radishes. They aren’t great for my GERD, IC, or IBS but I will still eat them on occasion because I love them so much. My diet is somewhat odd because I have to eat, or not eat, specific things to avoid flares of some of my health issues. Mainly the GERD, IC, and IBS. GERD – Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease IC – Interstitial Cystitis IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome

30 Things, Age and Conditions

I’m going to be busy today and tomorrow so I’m doubling up. Happy Holidays! Day 2, Introduce your conditions If I had a dollar for everytime someone said, “You’re too young to be this sick!” Migraines Allergies/chronic rhinitis Tinnitus Complex PTSD/Anxiety/Depression/Mild OCD Arthritis (Osteo) Fibromyalgia Interstitial Cystitis Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Premenstrual Dysmorphic Disorder (Super PMS) IBS Eczema/contact dermatitis/atopic dermatitis GERD High possibility of mild narcolepsy and hip dysplasia (Not diagnosed, but the doctors suspect) Things I had in the past but are better after surgery/treatment Dysmenorrhea –  I had a partial hysterectomy which helped greatly Gastroparesis – It’s not gone, but it is better Gallstones – Surgery helped Tonsilitis – Had them out as an adult, not fun, but I have fewer sinus infections and fall ill far less often now Septoplasty with turbinate reduction – Fixed the deviated septum in my nose and shaved down the turbinates, I can breathe through my nose more easily Day 3, Age your

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30 Things About Me

A fellow (and more prolific) chronic illness blogger posted this as a way to challenge herself, and others, to blog more. These challenges are a great way to stay motivated and productive. You can find her blog here. 30 days and 30 posts! My answers will be at the end of the list. I am not able to do one a day so I’m renaming this challenge for myself. 1. Introduce yourself 2. Introduce your conditions 3. Age your symptoms began 4. Favorite food 5. Allergies 6. Hobbies 7. Your pain level 8. Distraction 9. Relief 10. Morning medications 11. Night medications 12. Guilty pleasure 13. Sleep outfit 14. Temperature you are comfortable at 15. A comfort item 16. A daily struggle 17. An achievement 18. Who/what keeps you going 19. Something your disability has taken from you. 20. Something you have gained because of your disability that you are grateful for. 21. Who/what inspires you. 22. Favorite helpful product

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