Spoonie Mail With Spoonie Sanctuary

Another chronic illness blogger I am acquainted with has taken inspiration from a Facebook group that sends cards/letters/trinkets in the mail to one another in a show of support to their fellow spoonies. Spoonie Sanctuary’s post can be found here. I feel this is a brilliant idea because as people with chronic conditions we need the support of those around us. Sick, well, and everything in between.

Bias in Medicine

Many of us have to deal with bias in medicine. We’re either female, too fat, too young, too…something, and therefore we’re drug seekers and complainers. Difficult patients.  Aubrey Hirsch has a wonderful comic about her experience as a woman looking for care. It can be incredibly difficult for people to be taken seriously in the world of healthcare, but you are not alone. Many people have trouble getting proper diagnoses and it certainly can take years to get answers. It’s far more easy for physicians to gaslight and brush of patients in the face of difficult diagnoses.


Not able to sleep due to the widespread ache of fibro. Took some OTC pain meds and am currently waiting for them to kick in, and crossing my fingers they help. In the meantime I’m playing Mass Effect: Andromeda and watching Kitten Academy. Because cute fuzzy kittens always make me feel better. My own kitties know I don’t feel well and have been checking on me and purring up a storm. Check out the cute! Kitten Academy #chronicpain #copingwithkittens