Feelings on Florida

In regards to this latest act of domestic terrorism: Yes, I’m going to call it terrorism, the point was to terrify the victims and to then destroy them. To become infamous. The shooter wanted attention, he was angry, he’s a product of a toxic culture both close to him, and in our society. We need to address this as a society. It seems like a lot of these domestic terrorists lack the emotional tools necessary to handle stress, disappointment, toxicity around them, and even fundamental social interactions (i.e., Being rejected as a love interest/sexual partner). We need to make sure that people are equipped emotionally and educationally as they grow up. Find healthy ways to channel their anger and aggression. And end the stigma and scapegoating of those with mental health issues (like depression and anxiety, or autism, etc.), who are more likely to be victims than aggressors. Tossing people in prision*after* they commit the crime is only reactionary, we

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Autism Does Not = Shooter

  “People push you to your limits, but when you finally explode and fight back… You are the mean one.” Grateful to Westword for writing this piece about Logan, a local kid on the autism spectrum, who was bullied at school and fought back. Two years later he and his family are still in the courts battling an assistant DA with a clear bias towards people on the spectrum. Bullying too often is rewarded with victim shaming. Logan is a good kid; he’s great with younger kids and very tolerant of their invading his personal space. It is beyond maddening when people who are not neurotypical are demonized by the willfully ignorant and bias of others. It’s doubly so when those people are in positions of power, which make it their mission to create strife in the lives of individuals with mental health diagnoses and their families. The media does an excellent job of adding to this misunderstanding and fear,

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