Shower Fatigue

I love showers. Being clean is physically and mentally rewarding, and I love having smooth skin and soft hair. But they are so. Effing. Draining. I just took a lovely shower, and after toweling off, I barely had the energy to put on one of my comfy giant t-shirts and come upstairs. Now I’m resting on the couch before I make an attempt at foraging for food in the kitchen.

Sometimes I don’t get as tired after a shower, and other times I have to go take a nap because it just sucks the energy right out of me. I have yet to find a good way to mitigate the fatigue. The silver lining though is that my sinuses and allergies like me much better after a shower.

Anyone else become drained from showers? What are your tips for avoiding it? I generally shower every other day. I also have a shower stool I was thinking of using, maybe standing contributes to the fatigue I feel.

I'm a geek/nerd spoonie who rescues animals, has a lot of hobbies, and is easily entertained.

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